oikodomikesadeiesPerforming any construction work requires the issuance of a building permit or the approval of small-scale project. Whether for commercial or residential buildings, we undertake to provide you with all the services required to construct your building.

In particular we undertake all the necessary studies for your building, taking into account your needs. Depending on the project and the area and its uses arising from the General Urban Plans (GIS), similar approvals and restriction of construction are required.

Therefore, the issuance of a building permit usually requires the following:

  • Land survey Land use audit Building terms audit
  • Receive necessary approvals (archeology, forestry, altitude)
  • Draft construction proposals
  • >Cost estimation - construction budget
  • Final plans and designs
  • Other plans (structural, mechanical, energy)
  • Fees and taxes Filing the file for issuing the building permit at the urban planning office

There are, of course, special cases of sites or buildings that will require additional approvals from agencies and / or specialized studies. So considering the above we can design and build for you your home or business just as you have imagined them. Contact us to find the solution that suits your needs.