vevaiosi mixanikoyArbitration laws have raised the issue of buildings’ structural evaluation, which is imperative for all existing buildings. The structural competence study may not be mandatory in several categories of arbitrary constructions but it is useful for all owners and users of existing buildings. Especially if we take into account the large number of buildings that have been constructed without a seismic regulation or even those that are approaching or have exceeded the life expectancy, the need to check structural competence is valued.

In addition, the structural competence study is required in many building permits, which relate to change of use or additions to buildings or constructions that will affect the supporting structure.

My colleagues and I undertake the preparation of Structural Competence Studies, which includes the following steps:

  • - An overview of the current status of the building's supporting structure.
  • - Perform strength testing of construction materials with destructive and non-destructive tests. (if this step is performed)
  • - Analysis of data with special software and extraction of the result.
  • - Inform the owner of the result. Certificate of structural competence or not depending the results of analysis.

If the result is negative and also the owner chooses so, we undertake an study intervention and propose the required solutions to make the building safe, in accordance with the Intervention Regulation.