Ongoing project: Residential apartment renovation

The project concerns the renovation of an apartment in Neo Iraklio. The main goals of the renovation have been the aesthetic upgrading of the house and the unification of the spaces in such a way that the inertial spaces of the earlier layout are put to functional use. The kitchen was remodeled and integrated with the living room, while extending to the entrance hall. The natural light coming from the living room openings covers most areas, greatly enhancing the user experience.

The minimal aesthetics of the house are dominated by clean lines and colors. White and gray predominate not only in masonry but also in the kitchen. The materials, such as the cement in the bathroom and the look of wood flooring throughout the house create a cozy yet modern atmosphere. The hidden lighting in the living room, in the hallway and in the bedrooms gives a dynamic and multiplies the sources of light, thus enhancing the quality of artificial lighting.