Regulating arbitariness in the time of corona-virus

afthereta smThe global situation due to the rise of the corona-virus has undoubtedly made us change significantly our way of life in recent weeks and reasonable measures have been taken to protect all of us. However, the work of the engineers has not been so reasonably limited, as a possible consequence of a general concern of the citizens who are afraid for their financial future in combination with the measures that have been imposed due to quarantine.

With the already delayed formation of the Councils and the rotating work in the urban planning due to the virus, the work of the engineers becomes significantly more difficult. Completion, if not the beginning of a settlement, becomes a rather time-consuming process where the time remaining until the expiration deadline on the 30th of June seems insufficient even if the order was given today. Given this, the Ministry of Environment and Energy has not made any official report on the extension of the deadlines, although a few days ago an extension to other urban issues was legislated with an urgent provision due to the pandemic. In particular, the extensions concern the validity of Building Permits, Approvals of Building Permits and Approvals of Small Scale Works, the submission of supporting documents for the declarations of Law 4014/2011, Law 4178/2013 and Law 4495/2017, etc.